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M3 RAW To FAT32 Converter 5.5

It is a program capable of fixing RAW drive or RAW file system
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M3 RAW To FAT32 Converter is a recovery tool for drives with RAW file system. The application will help you recover RAW drives, storage devices, and partitions, that is, discs with a system file that is not recognized by Windows. It does so by converting the RAW system file back to FAT32, fixing the drive, and making it accessible again. Several factors can be the cause of damaged system files, and this utility offers a simple yet efficient solution to help you solve this error.

The application has a straightforward interface that makes the recovery process easy to carry out. It works by means of wizard-like interface that guides your throughout the whole process. From the list of drives detected by this tool, you simply need to select the one you want to fix and recover. The converter will scan the disc/partition and fix it; after that, it will show its contents in a tree-like navigable panel, allowing you to browse the integrity of the file system. You can select specific files and folders to recover, and use the search box to look for any specific file, document, or media in the drive.

For this review I used M3 RAW To FAT32 Converter to fix an SD card that became RAW and my computer failed to recognize. The application scanned and fixed the SD card in a few minutes, and gave me access to its contents to recover my personal files.

In short, M3 RAW To FAT32 Converter offers an effective RAW drive recovery solution, supporting all kinds of local and removable discs. It stands out because of the simple interface, which makes it accessible to all users, and most importantly, it does the job of recovering RAW drive data perfectly.

Mariel Rearte
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